Integra Boost uses a safe, smart and patented technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity in a contained environment. Conrolling humidity is one of the hardest steps in the curing and storing process. Having too much humidity can lead to mold. Not enough humidity can overdry. Eliminate the guessing with Integra Boost. 4 easy steps to boost the humidity:

1. Remove Integra Boost from clear overwrap and place into container with contents you want to preserve and protect.

2. Drop the Replacement Indicating Card inside of the container and seal the lid.

3. Integra Boost will gebin to regulate the R.H. levels inside the container, to the specific percentage labeled on the pack.

4. Replace the pack when the dot turns to blue.

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Dabber’s Choice Glass Jar square black & white

black and white Glass Jar, 9ml, square